I illustrate ideas and conversations (live or remote) of companies and customers who want to communicate a common meaning in a new, innovative and simplified way.

I am able to visualize your content and topics, making your key messages accessible and memorable by your audience. As as process-oriented person, I do so in a methodological manner.

I have worked with corporations, non-profits, event organizers, agencies…. Every company, every group is made of people who want to understand and be understood. We wish all our meetings to be meaningful and productive. Using visuals in a strategic manner could greatly enhance this process.

my customer´s business needs

  • to translate a complex strategy into digestible tactics, making it clear to your audience
  • to convey a complex topic or confusing information and make them more clear and actionable
  • to improve the comprehension and retention of your audience
  • to unite a team on the basis of a common goal or project
  • to present an appealing agenda for a meeting, training, event
  • to anchor the conversation and content of a meeting, presenting an alternative to traditional meeting minutes
  • to bring an alternative to databased pictures with a personalized touch (without image rights problems)
  • to harness people´s visual mind

My offer to you

visual of my offer to customers


I attend your event (live or connecting remotely via Web cam) and I capture the ideas and key messages and turn them into inspiring visuals.

This package includes briefing and definition of your goal, sketch of the event, delivering of jpg/png format, debrief after the event to collect mutual feedback.


We work closely together (either you and I or your team and I) in order to support your processes and communication. Together we select the media which will easily fit in your already existing communication tools or methods in your organizations (ppt, pdf, intranet, etc).

For this collaboration, we define the project framework together and we work on a price per hour basis.

So, if you´re looking to engage your audience in your next meeting, pitch or a live event, then what you´re looking for is working with me!