Share in the community to motivate and inspire

Anthea wrote me “Would you be willing to host a sketching session with our community? A mini “how-to”

I have been sketching for about a year and yes …. I wish I could sketch with other persons and share with other colleagues.
I though about the “How to”… I discovered this way of communication with the book “
Graphic Facilitation” by A. Agerbeck. I used the sketchs in meetings and it worked well. I decided to continue and participated in a seminar for having the basics. I learned that the most important things in sketching are: experimenting and practicing a lot (doing and doing again)!

I still have a look in the book “The Sketchnote Handbook”  by M. Rohde regularly to keep the principles in mind: the Idea first, the composition, the simplicity and to have some example. Another important things for me are to improve and to share with the community as for example Have some advice, see other sketchs, see other interpretation of topics. I sent one of my sketch to see what´s happened and see…. 🙂

A great feeling to be part of the community ! Thanks Mauro. I would love to participate in the next World Sketchnote Day, to be there, to see other person and discuss about this and share some ideas….

About hosting a sketching session, dear Anthea, I will think about it and propose something after my holidays…

stay tuned 😉



When I can do it, you could too….

Do you sometimes feel that the moment you are in right now is like a present ? Do you remember how do you feel when you are speaking with someone who is so motivating and interesting? yes, ….. excited and ready to start…. A wonderful moment.

Few weeks ago I had the chance to attend a conference with Svenja Walter. I was just a bit curious and then Svenja was there with a big smile, simple, natural and so nice. She spoke about herself, her experiences and I was conquered about her honesty. She was simply inspiring!

Sure when she said “if I have done it, you can do it too” I though “well,….nice but it is not so simple”. She gave us a lot of advices and examples how she done her blog and it was really helpful.

Did she convinced me as she said “begin my online life!” ?, to be honest, I am not sure that I am the right person to write (probably to draw 😉 )….BUT I try.

Take a look at the Svenja Blog: mein Svenja, she is just like us.

Thank you Svenja!


Blockchain, WTF is Blockchain?

Last week it was an event about Blockchain. Yes I know what you are thinking: oh no, one  more event for geeks and super geeks.

But this time it was different: this group organizes events to “translate complicated digital transformation topics into understandable concepts”….. just great. It was really good moderate and brings us a lot of “understandable information”.

Do you want to join the next event ? here: Digital Transformation Meetup



What did you do in August? I met the Geekettes in Munich!

I enjoyed the Event organized by the Geekettes last Tuesday evening. As a speaker, Mrs Anne Gfrerer from HVB talked about Change process in a big organization and gave us some examples on how to manage it.

We discussed this topic in little groups and continued with networking…in a great atmosphere.
Thanks for the invitation.