The recipe for success of my muesli Startup


each time I have the same feeling: excitement to attend an event, happiness to meet new people and enjoy networking and at the same time a little bit nervous to catch the essential of the message. Well…

On tuesday last week I attended the Startup Grind Event in Munich who invited Max Wittrock. Do you know him? yes…. You have it: he is the co-founder of “my muesli”. Sabine Flechet from Startup Grind regularly interviews successful Startup founders or managers to talk about experiences and learnings. This time we were hosted by Burda Bootcamp which bought us pizzas & beers and gave us a short overview of their spirit, very nice! For curious people or for people who want to build a startup, it is a very good investment to be there for an evening!

Max Wittrock my Muesli

Max Wittrock interview by Startup Grind

Max Wittrock is one of the three co-founders of My Muesli startup. Well now they have more than 850 people, so it is a HUGE Startup 🙂 . In spring 2017 Hubertus Bessau and him wrote a book “Machen” about my muesli Startup and for few days he created an “Entrepreneur Community”. If you ask him “Could anyone become an entrepreneur?”, he answers “Yes, every one. The question is do we need all to be entrepreneur? You have to feel it right!”. About his next steps? He answered something like internationalization for My Muesli is a must but he will see what the first step will be.

Sketchnotes Max Wittrock by Startup Grind

Sketchnotes Max Wittrock by Startup Grind

About my Sketch:

As usual during an event like this interview I take a LOT of notes, visual and words. It looks like a mess because I concentrate on what I hear and at the same time I try to catch as much as I can on my paper…. The day after, I read my notes again and I structure them to find the best way to present them. For an interview I could not transcript all what was said, therefore the sketch notes are just a support, or a summary of what was the most important for me.

Sketchnotes Max Wittrock by Startup Grind

Sketchnotes Max Wittrock by Startup Grind

Max spoke a lot and gave a lot of examples and experiences. I tried to extract the essential of his speech and organize it like a path, like the milestones to follow in a way. I highlight them with another color to create a special effect. I really enjoyed to sketch his interview, he was really human and accessible.

I hope you enjoy my sketchnotes, too. See you soon at another great event!

Lean in or how to gain more self-confidence


Sometimes perhaps, you feel like me this week, you just would like to stay in your bed! I was tired, a little bit ill (sore throat, cold), not so fit, a lot to do. The weather was cold, gray with short days… well we are in November.

Ticket lean in event in munich november 2017But, a few weeks ago I had planned to attend the “Lean In circle” in Munich which took place on Wednesday the 22th November. I didn’t know really what to expect, I just hear about the book but I like to meet people and I am very curious, so I was very excited to be there. I looked a bit closely to the concept (for more information
Lean In ) and find that there are regularly “circles” or meetings organized all over the world and other possibilities to exchange like “peer advices” or “mentoring”…. And not just for women 😉

It was nice, the right event for such gray days. We were a little group and after a short presentation of ourselves, Maria talked about her life through countries, cultures and a lot of challenges. She showed us how she faced each time challenges and study again and again to finally decided to become a mummy freelancer (here you find her website ). A very courageous smiling women (like a lot of us). We all recognized some challenges or situations that we had to face too. What I most liked was this exchange in the group, to hear several experiences, speaking about women, culture, but also families challenges…

Sketch notes for Lean in circle in Munich - november 2017

Sketchnotes Lean In event in Munich on nov. 22nd 2017

About my sketch: I began to take notes but I was so interested that it was difficult for me to focus on. So I caught words and icons. I sketched shortly the concept of Lean In (left side) and dedicated the most of place for Maria’s presentation. You could imagine that I choose the color yellow to balance out the gray weather and it reflected the good mood. This time it was not so much about transmitting a message but to wanted to give you a “picture like a photo” of this evening.

Sketchnotes Ipad Lean in november 2017


Hope to see you at another great even soon !

Share in the community to motivate and inspire

Anthea wrote me “Would you be willing to host a sketching session with our community? A mini “how-to”

I am a sketchnoter for about a year ….

I discovered this way of communication with A. Agerbeck book “Graphic Facilitation“. I used the sketchnotes in meetings and it worked well, my colleagues liked them. I decided to continue and attended a seminar for learning the basics and the most important in sketching: experimenting and practicing a lot (doing and doing again)!

I still have a look in M. Rohde Book “The Sketchnote Handbook” regularly to keep the principles in mind: the idea first, the composition, the simplicity and to see other example. Other important things for me are to improve and to share with the community as for example the Sketchnote army. I like it. You can have some advice, see other sketchnotes, see other interpretation of an idea… I sent one of my sketchnotes to see what´s happened and see…. 🙂

Sketchnotes published by Sketchnotes Army

A great feeling to be part of the community! thanks Mauro. I would love to participate in the next “World Sketchnote day”, to be there, to meet other person and discuss about sketch and share ideas.

About hosting a sketching session, dear Anthea, I will think about it and propose something…

stay tuned 😉



When I can do it, you could too….

Do you sometimes feel that the moment you are in right now is like a present ? Do you remember how do you feel when you are speaking with someone who is so motivating and interesting? yes, ….. excited and ready to start…. A wonderful moment.

Few weeks ago I had the chance to attend a conference with Svenja Walter. I was just a bit curious and then Svenja was there with a big smile, simple, natural and so nice. She spoke about herself, her experiences and I was conquered about her honesty. She was simply inspiring!

Sure when she said “if I have done it, you can do it too” I though “well,….nice but it is not so simple”. She gave us a lot of advices and examples how she done her blog and it was really helpful.

Did she convinced me as she said “begin my online life!” ?, to be honest, I am not sure that I am the right person to write (probably to draw 😉 )….BUT I try.

Take a look at the Svenja Blog: mein Svenja, she is just like us.

Thank you Svenja!


Blockchain, WTF is Blockchain?

Last week it was an event about Blockchain. Yes I know what you are thinking: oh no, one  more event for geeks and super geeks.

But this time it was different: this group organizes events to “translate complicated digital transformation topics into understandable concepts”….. just great. It was really good moderate and brings us a lot of “understandable information”.

Do you want to join the next event ? here: Digital Transformation Meetup