Let´ s not waste any more time in meetings! Or find the best way to no longer bother your colleagues and pimp your presentation

sketch of a meeting

We spend a lot of hours in meetings and most of the time we leave with the feeling that we have wasted our time. But sometimes the stakes of the meetings are high (town hall) and we still lose sight of the goal as soon as the meeting ends. The most common causes are: meeting poorly prepared, unclear or too complex topic, no real goal or too many goals for one meeting, too much information, unclear to-dos & follow-up… well, you probably have a lot of examples for this kind of situation.

Have you also asked yourself before: How do I ensure that people are on the same page about a topic? How do I capture the attention of my audience? How do I explain a complex or abstract topic clearly?

When people receive information, they will only remember 10% of it three days later. If information is communicated with a relevant image, people can replay 65% of the information three days later. Most of us are using our visual memory and in our over-informed society the good use of visuals has to be improved.

Okay, now you are thinking about using picture databases. But when we have a look at social media, content such as images, videos, illustrations and vectors have clearly outpaced the written word. So using a “nice picture” won’t be enough. People will understand your (abstract or complex) topic a lot better with good dedicated graphic support: After all, people following instructions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people who get no illustrations along with the instructions.

However, there is always the possibility to re-use the same image and the same PowerPoint presentation you made last time, right? But do you think that you will really capture and engage your audience’s attention? No, you should find a more creative way and look for alternatives.

Here are some ideas:

idea sketch for blogpost– another tool: Prezi. Thanks to a very customer friendly interface you can quickly animate your presentation.
– another method: Pechakucha. 20 slides in 20 seconds ensure a very concrete and consice topic with good focused visuals.
– another media: Infographic. There are different tools to help you organize and present your information visually. It is a popular form of content marketing.

– another visual: Sketchnotes in meetings. With a specific and personalized sketch of your topic you will anchor your meeting/conversation and get your content across to make sure that everybody in your team is on the same page. This is where I could help you, so feel free to contact me 🙂

What do you use to convince and engage your audience? What is your communication weapon to create a “wow” moment? Please share your ideas and creative practices you have tested.

source: Hubspot study about “42 visual content marketing statistics (…) 2017” ; NeoMam

40 Women, 4 Speakers, 1 network: female entrepreneurship, all start-up or what ?

#DMW Event january 2018last Thursday I attended an Event in Munich organized by #DMW. I was very curious, the title was “Female Entrepreneurship: alles Start-up oder was?”. It is a very interesting question by the way, do all the new Entrepreneurs are Start-ups or what defines this kind of new business?

So #DMW – digital media women is a network of women who highlight women in the digital world. We were hosted by Valtech who sponsored the stage, drinks and finger foods.

The four speakers, Dr. Annette Leonhard-MacDonald (AdaEngine), Joy Spenner (ADA Accelerator), Kamila Stanitzek (Die Produkt Macher) und Nils Brenert (Valtech) spoke about Start-up versus Business companies but also the qualities of a woman founder, about successful organization, etc.

All the speakers brought us experiences, stories and opinions about women in technical stage. Simone from #DMW moderates questions of the audience . We finished the event with networking and attendees could continue to ask questions to the speakers.

About my Sketch: in such an event format (like a conference) it could be difficult to catch all what was said, because you don´t have a red thread. You have a core topic and the challenge is to define how to synthesize the discussions. I decided to highlight the take aways I heard by each speaker and I made a short sketch of them (I hope that they don´t mind about it). I used the host´s colors (#DMW) just to pimp-up my sketch.

I hope you enjoy my sketch and if you go to an event or organize one, don´t hesitate to contact me.  See you soon at another great event!

Happy Sketchnotes day!

Focus on 2018 plan and goalsToday is Sketchnotes day…. Yes, there is such a special day 🙂
I just take this opportunity to prepare and post my plans & goals for 2018 because I don´t want to make New Year’s resolutions ! I like the idea of a plan, because you can work on and change it if you need  and it is not fixed but flexible when it comes to timing. I am on track about the sports plan 😉 but I cannot say how long my motivation will last…. Let’s see. I will print it and put it in front of me, just to make me smile when I am at my Desk.

I begin this new year with some change in my working life, I pimped up my desk at home and I will increase my activities as freelancer, too…. So a lot of changes for me, exciting isn’t it? Stay tuned, I will post more in few weeks!

Resolutions 2018 plans and goals

About my sketch: I choose the yellow color to give you a feeling of how I feel today, …. As you see as good as the sun. I began to collect all the things I would like to do or continue (unpretentiously) and I organized them in the four categories you can see. I tried to give a very easy and quick idea of what I mean (word/sketch) to illustrate my goals. The color is just there to highlight the idea.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

happy Sketchnoteday 🙂

How do you get inspired today? Surfing the net?

That’s good and I do that, too, but I prefer to meet people and attend events – personal contact is what I like.
A few weeks ago I met Dora Dzvonyar at an event and she asked me if I would be interested to work with her for the upcoming TEDxTUM. Honestly, I didn’t know what TEDx was. I knew TED Talks (you know, those short videos from expert speakers on different topics devoted to spreading ideas). And TEDx, you ask? These are local, independent events designed to spark conversations and connections. And guess what, Dora organize the TEDx at TUM! After a meeting with her teammate Thomas and her to understand the need and the expectations I was very impressed and couldn’t wait to attend and bring their ideas to my sketchpad.
TEDxTUM pass and flyer

TEDxTUM Re-formations of tomorrow

Finally on December, the 2nd it was time to go!
It was amazing! 14 speakers presented works and ideas about the “Re-formations of tomorrow”. What does it mean? A discussion about the kind of place we want to live, work and define for the future.
We began at 10 am and went on to 6 pm. A total of three sessions gave the participants some insights about the past, present and future shared by powerful, inspiring speakers. I prepared Sketches for the 3 sessions to recap the different topics.
About my Sketches:
Sketching a meeting needs a lot of concentration and sometimes it can be difficult to find the red thread. Summarizing 15 presentations/videos in 3 sketches was really challenging! I tried to find a representative icon or the principal idea to sketch the different speaker presentations and take the design of TEDxTUM  2017 at the back of the slide to connect the different sessions (past, present, future).
During the event I sketched all day long and I prepared more sketches…. Stay tuned. I will post more as soon as I can 😉
I was very happy and honored to be there and contribute to this event.
Thanks Dora and Thomas for inviting me to attendee and hope to See you soon at another great event!

The recipe for success of my muesli Startup


each time I have the same feeling: excitement to attend an event, happiness to meet new people and enjoy networking and at the same time a little bit nervous to catch the essential of the message. Well…

On tuesday last week I attended the Startup Grind Event in Munich who invited Max Wittrock. Do you know him? yes…. You have it: he is the co-founder of “my muesli”. Sabine Flechet from Startup Grind regularly interviews successful Startup founders or managers to talk about experiences and learnings. This time we were hosted by Burda Bootcamp which bought us pizzas & beers and gave us a short overview of their spirit, very nice! For curious people or for people who want to build a startup, it is a very good investment to be there for an evening!

Max Wittrock my Muesli

Max Wittrock interview by Startup Grind

Max Wittrock is one of the three co-founders of My Muesli startup. Well now they have more than 850 people, so it is a HUGE Startup 🙂 . In spring 2017 Hubertus Bessau and him wrote a book “Machen” about my muesli Startup and for few days he created an “Entrepreneur Community”. If you ask him “Could anyone become an entrepreneur?”, he answers “Yes, every one. The question is do we need all to be entrepreneur? You have to feel it right!”. About his next steps? He answered something like internationalization for My Muesli is a must but he will see what the first step will be.

Sketchnotes Max Wittrock by Startup Grind

Sketchnotes Max Wittrock by Startup Grind

About my Sketch:

As usual during an event like this interview I take a LOT of notes, visual and words. It looks like a mess because I concentrate on what I hear and at the same time I try to catch as much as I can on my paper…. The day after, I read my notes again and I structure them to find the best way to present them. For an interview I could not transcript all what was said, therefore the sketch notes are just a support, or a summary of what was the most important for me.

Sketchnotes Max Wittrock by Startup Grind

Sketchnotes Max Wittrock by Startup Grind

Max spoke a lot and gave a lot of examples and experiences. I tried to extract the essential of his speech and organize it like a path, like the milestones to follow in a way. I highlight them with another color to create a special effect. I really enjoyed to sketch his interview, he was really human and accessible.

I hope you enjoy my sketchnotes, too. See you soon at another great event!

Lean in or how to gain more self-confidence


Sometimes perhaps, you feel like me this week, you just would like to stay in your bed! I was tired, a little bit ill (sore throat, cold), not so fit, a lot to do. The weather was cold, gray with short days… well we are in November.

Ticket lean in event in munich november 2017But, a few weeks ago I had planned to attend the “Lean In circle” in Munich which took place on Wednesday the 22th November. I didn’t know really what to expect, I just hear about the book but I like to meet people and I am very curious, so I was very excited to be there. I looked a bit closely to the concept (for more information
Lean In ) and find that there are regularly “circles” or meetings organized all over the world and other possibilities to exchange like “peer advices” or “mentoring”…. And not just for women 😉

It was nice, the right event for such gray days. We were a little group and after a short presentation of ourselves, Maria talked about her life through countries, cultures and a lot of challenges. She showed us how she faced each time challenges and study again and again to finally decided to become a mummy freelancer (here you find her website ). A very courageous smiling women (like a lot of us). We all recognized some challenges or situations that we had to face too. What I most liked was this exchange in the group, to hear several experiences, speaking about women, culture, but also families challenges…

Sketch notes for Lean in circle in Munich - november 2017

Sketchnotes Lean In event in Munich on nov. 22nd 2017

About my sketch: I began to take notes but I was so interested that it was difficult for me to focus on. So I caught words and icons. I sketched shortly the concept of Lean In (left side) and dedicated the most of place for Maria’s presentation. You could imagine that I choose the color yellow to balance out the gray weather and it reflected the good mood. This time it was not so much about transmitting a message but to wanted to give you a “picture like a photo” of this evening.

Sketchnotes Ipad Lean in november 2017


Hope to see you at another great even soon !

Namibia… Our adventure started here….

here I am, back ! yes back from three weeks holidays in Africa, more precisely from Namibia and Botswana. Wwwhhahhhhhh!
How should I say, it was simply magic. Last year we met people back from their travel there and Mr. Klecker Monster was excited. At the beginning I thought “well, it won´t work for us : too expensive, too far, … and Mr. KM is not really Indiana Jones”…. So I was really surprised to see that Mr. KM was searching for information and finally after some discussions in January we booked it – with the assistance of Michael Mack (his travel agency) which is specialized in Africa trip. The only regret I have is that we had to do it just Mr. KM and I, my boys were in Germany….
After 9 months waiting for our BIG holidays, we were both really excited, impatient and we dreamed and thought a lot about it….. We spent a fabulous time there, this travel was even more what we have expected. As you can imagine, for me it was the promise that I could catch moments and memories.
It was not always easy to paint with so warm weather or in front of Victoria Falls but I had fun and Mr. KM was very patient (thank you).
I would love to do even more… I tried to and here you will find some photos. I am still inspired and I think to paint some canvas to fix emotions…let´s see if I find time and energy therefore.
About my sketchbook: well my book is full 🙂 I will be happy to share with you some pages….stay tuned!


Share in the community to motivate and inspire

Anthea wrote me “Would you be willing to host a sketching session with our community? A mini “how-to”

I am a sketchnoter for about a year ….

I discovered this way of communication with A. Agerbeck book “Graphic Facilitation“. I used the sketchnotes in meetings and it worked well, my colleagues liked them. I decided to continue and attended a seminar for learning the basics and the most important in sketching: experimenting and practicing a lot (doing and doing again)!

I still have a look in M. Rohde Book “The Sketchnote Handbook” regularly to keep the principles in mind: the idea first, the composition, the simplicity and to see other example. Other important things for me are to improve and to share with the community as for example the Sketchnote army. I like it. You can have some advice, see other sketchnotes, see other interpretation of an idea… I sent one of my sketchnotes to see what´s happened and see…. 🙂

Sketchnotes published by Sketchnotes Army

A great feeling to be part of the community! thanks Mauro. I would love to participate in the next “World Sketchnote day”, to be there, to meet other person and discuss about sketch and share ideas.

About hosting a sketching session, dear Anthea, I will think about it and propose something…

stay tuned 😉



When I can do it, you could too….

Do you sometimes feel that the moment you are in right now is like a present ? Do you remember how do you feel when you are speaking with someone who is so motivating and interesting? yes, ….. excited and ready to start…. A wonderful moment.

Few weeks ago I had the chance to attend a conference with Svenja Walter. I was just a bit curious and then Svenja was there with a big smile, simple, natural and so nice. She spoke about herself, her experiences and I was conquered about her honesty. She was simply inspiring!

Sure when she said “if I have done it, you can do it too” I though “well,….nice but it is not so simple”. She gave us a lot of advices and examples how she done her blog and it was really helpful.

Did she convinced me as she said “begin my online life!” ?, to be honest, I am not sure that I am the right person to write (probably to draw 😉 )….BUT I try.

Take a look at the Svenja Blog: mein Svenja, she is just like us.

Thank you Svenja!