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Visual Notes von Startup Grind Event
interview Sibyll Brueggemann by Startup grind

Since over a year I make Sketchnotes for Startup Grind events and it has always been a great experience. My role: During the Event, make a Visualization of the story told by a very special guest.

This time, it was Sibyll Brüggemann, Head of Marketing at Klarna.

As Startup Grind is a recurrent event, I chose to use an identical framework. To personalize my visual notes, I emphasized the colors and the logo of our guest. This time, I divided my sketchnotes into two parts.

About my sketchnotes…

The top part is dedicated to Sybill’s experience. She began the interview with Sabine Flechet saying: „I had no plan to work in a startup, I was just lucky“! She just focused on what she was interested in and went from Rocket to Jumia before joining Klarna, her current company. During the discussion she gave us many anecdotes and tips about how to work in Startup ecosystem that you can find in my Sketchnotes.

The bottom part emphasizes the take-aways of her speech that I am happy to share with you:
– take-up the given challenges, with try & error (or so to say learnings) and always look ahead,
– learn with „best practices“ and with / from people around you (Mentor, Network, Team)
– try to get the heart of your customer
– invest in people, in teams with whom you work, the network you are building and the mentors you Chose
– look at competition to get inspired and to be aware but stay focused on yourself

Visualization of Sibyll Brueggemann interview
Sketchnotes Startup Grind Event with Sibyll Brueggemann


Visualization of Startup Grind Event
Sibyll Brueggemann discussion with participants

I was impressed by her simplicity and her smile. Sibyll who is a the centre of my Sketchnotes has a very positive aura and is really authentic.

I hope you enjoyed this visualization of the event and the interview. Feel free to comment or ask me any questions about the process!

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