Graphic recording about Female Tech Leaders

In my Sketchnotes Freelance business, I did not meet many female technical leaders. When Sabine Flechet from Startup Grind was preparing this interview, I was exciting to make a graphic recording of this event!

After a short introduction, Alev began with her Childhood and university time in STEM field.

“Don’t choose an industry to work for but what you can do for the industry!” I liked this quote.

At that time, the subject of diversity was not as present as it is today. Even now, there are fewer women in STEM. Her idea was to create a community that connects women and gives them support.

Now, she is trying to deploy this non-profit organization in other cities and to have more ambassadors. Here you will find more information about her startup.

graphic recording Startup grind about femal tech leader

About my Sketch

A graphic recording means to capture the essence of the discussion / interview. I took a lot of notes during this event. But in the end, I focused on what she had experienced from her university time so far. To personalize the sketchnotes, I used the logo (and re-used the style) and the colors of the brand. In my visual notes, I like to draw the interviewee as a „comic figure“, just for fun.

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