Visual notes, how to bring added value?

Mike Rohdes, Brandy Agenbeck,… there are so many super cool Sketchnoters and graphic facilitators. What is my added value with visual notes? why I should write on this topic also?

…  Why not me?

For several years now, I sketch for myself, my employer, for events. I am literally conquered by Sketchnotes. Yes, I think this way of taking visual notes is a super effective tool of communication in the same like of writing or speech. Well, only if well used ! 🙂

I am quite a pragmatic person and when I try to learn something new, I start by looking for this topic. Reading,  research on the internet, learning and after putting into practice. I go on testing!
So I started by reading Brandy Agenbeck’s „The Graphic Facilitator“ then I took a pen, a block note and started off. At that time nobody in my entourage used this tool, they were even a little sceptical, so to say.

Few months later, visual notes materialas I started to develop my website and my blog, naturally I had the same approach. I started by getting a book on blog development and watching on the web for what already existed on visual notes. and there …… Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrggg I was caught up by an overwhelming fright!

Panic: Why ME? What is my added value on this subject? Should I write again on visual facilitator or other subjects?

1-Take one’s own legitimacy

In the book Born to Blog authors Mark W. Schaefer and Stanford A. Smith talk about Ernie Watts, and quote:

text about value

When you think about it, it is true. How many photographers or authors are there in the world?  I imagine, we all have the same question about legitimacy. Each of us has his or her place and has the right to express opinion (whatever the tool used).

2-Give a new perspective

It’s not about re-doing or reinventing the wheel, it’s about closing another angle. To give a subject another perspective. Getting a new approach for a tool or some other way of using it. In her blog Sacha Chua also talks about the obstacles that we can face and hence taking a different approach on a subject to break the deadlock.

Every day we hear remixes of songs and music more or less old, so why not „remix“ the use of a technique or „remix“ an idea?


For me, internet is a means of connection between people. Also one of the first added value for me would be the contact with others because I love to exchange and meet new people. With Sketchnotes, I could bring people together and help them to communicate in another way.

In conclusion: There are probably many other reasons to embark on a new project. And if I did, there’s no reason you can’t. Neither am I Mikes Rhodes nor do I have the presence and experience of Brandy Agenbeck. I do not draw either on the back of Napkin(1) like Dan Roam but here I am, Sabine with her IPad and her ideas. I envision your purpose to bring your story in life, or how to use visual notes and innovative resource to synthesize, transfer and make your topic unforgettable.

  1. Dan Roam Book « Back of the Napkin

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