Sketchnotes FINTECH Ladies in Munich

Sketchnotes Event Fintech ladies

A great event to discuss risks and discover surprising key factors that lead you to successful Project… and a Sketchnotes to summarize.

Last week a friend of mine kindly offered me a ticket for a classical music concert however I had already planed to attend the FINTECH Ladies Event in Munich! FINTECH stands for finance and technology areas. So I was curious and I wanted to learn more about this networking group in Munich.

The event was hosted by Scalable capital in Munich. Dr. Alexis Daranyi gave us a short introduction of the company major milestones during the last two years. Alexandra Weck continued with the  FINTECH perspective about: „What are the success factors of a FINTECH project“.

Sketchnotes Event FINTECH SpeakerWe were about 20 ladies and we discussed about our activities and our challenges.
For few months now, I attended numerous events and for at this one I really appreciated the way Alexandra introduced and welcomed the participants. After the presentations the opportunities for networking were real. The ladies who had been part of FINTECH already approached the new joiners so they could introduce themselves. It was really nice!
Thank you….

Sketchnotes Fintech Februar 2018

About my sketch: I sketched about Alexandra success factors presentation and completed the picture with the story of scalable capital to give an overview of the whole event and to link the company and the networking group.

I tried to keep it  simple. I only use few colors, just to distinguish both parts. On the one side I focused on the key factors and skip the examples and for the presentation of Dr. Daranyi I tried to stay linear to bring the facts (as he did) more based on a time line.

I hope you enjoy my sketch and if you go to an event or organize one, don´t hesitate to contact me. See you soon at another great event!

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  1. Hello
    My name is Karen Wendt. do you want to sketch for the Cryptocurrency Conference in Zurich on March 28??? We met at the Scalable Capital/fintech evening in Munich. Let me know

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