Let´ s not waste any more time in meetings! Or find the best way to no longer bother your colleagues and pimp your presentation


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We spend a lot of hours in meetings and most of the time we leave with the feeling that we have wasted our time. But sometimes the stakes of the meetings are high (town hall) and we still lose sight of the goal as soon as the meeting ends. The most common causes are: meeting poorly prepared, unclear or too complex topic, no real goal or too many goals for one meeting, too much information, unclear to-dos & follow-up… well, you probably have a lot of examples for this kind of situation.

Have you also asked yourself before: How do I ensure that people are on the same page about a topic? How do I capture the attention of my audience? How do I explain a complex or abstract topic clearly?

When people receive information, they will only remember 10% of it three days later. If information is communicated with a relevant image, people can replay 65% of the information three days later. Most of us are using our visual memory and in our over-informed society the good use of visuals has to be improved.

Okay, now you are thinking about using picture databases. But when we have a look at social media, content such as images, videos, illustrations and vectors have clearly outpaced the written word. So using a “nice picture” won’t be enough. People will understand your (abstract or complex) topic a lot better with good dedicated graphic support: After all, people following instructions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people who get no illustrations along with the instructions.

However, there is always the possibility to re-use the same image and the same PowerPoint presentation you made last time, right? But do you think that you will really capture and engage your audience’s attention? No, you should find a more creative way and look for alternatives.

Here are some ideas:

idea sketch for blogpost– another tool: Prezi. Thanks to a very customer friendly interface you can quickly animate your presentation.
– another method: Pechakucha. 20 slides in 20 seconds ensure a very concrete and consice topic with good focused visuals.
– another media: Infographic. There are different tools to help you organize and present your information visually. It is a popular form of content marketing.

– another visual: Sketchnotes in meetings. With a specific and personalized sketch of your topic you will anchor your meeting/conversation and get your content across to make sure that everybody in your team is on the same page. This is where I could help you, so feel free to contact me 🙂

What do you use to convince and engage your audience? What is your communication weapon to create a “wow” moment? Please share your ideas and creative practices you have tested.

source: Hubspot study about “42 visual content marketing statistics (…) 2017” ; NeoMam

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