Happy Sketchnotes day!

Focus on 2018 plan and goalsToday is Sketchnotes day…. Yes, there is such a special day 🙂
I just take this opportunity to prepare and post my plans & goals for 2018 because I don´t want to make New Year’s resolutions ! I like the idea of a plan, because you can work on and change it if you need  and it is not fixed but flexible when it comes to timing. I am on track about the sports plan 😉 but I cannot say how long my motivation will last…. Let’s see. I will print it and put it in front of me, just to make me smile when I am at my Desk.

I begin this new year with some change in my working life, I pimped up my desk at home and I will increase my activities as freelancer, too…. So a lot of changes for me, exciting isn’t it? Stay tuned, I will post more in few weeks!

Resolutions 2018 plans and goals

About my sketch: I choose the yellow color to give you a feeling of how I feel today, …. As you see as good as the sun. I began to collect all the things I would like to do or continue (unpretentiously) and I organized them in the four categories you can see. I tried to give a very easy and quick idea of what I mean (word/sketch) to illustrate my goals. The color is just there to highlight the idea.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

happy Sketchnoteday 🙂

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