my New Year´s Sketchnotes 2018

Sketchnotes auf IpadToday is Sketchnotes day…. Yes, there is such a special day 🙂

I just take the opportunity to prepare and post my plans & goals for 2018 because I don´t like New Year’s resolutions ! It is the first time, I make a year´s plan and to be honest in a Sketchnotes form, it was really funny and inspiring. It took me few minutes to elaborate the different categories and to find the good illustration (that works for me).


The idea of a plan suits better to me, because you can work on and change it if you need. It is not fixed but flexible,  mostly about the timeplan. Sor for the moment, I am on track about the sports plan ;). ..Let’s see.

For the Sketchnotes day I didn´t want just to celebrate with my sketchnotes but I wanted to have a printed version to keep in front of me. It makes me smile when I am at my Desk. I regularly have a look and it remembers me what I really want to do in my life.

I begin this new year with some change in my working life. So, I pimped-up my desk at home to give more place for my freelance activities…. I am quite excited to explore this way.

Sketchnotes goals 2018

Stay tuned, I will post more in few weeks!

About my sketch

I choose the yellow color to give you a feeling of how I feel today, …. As you see as good as the sun. I began to collect all the things I would like to do or continue (unpretentiously) and I organized them in the four categories you can see. I tried to give a very easy and quick idea of what I mean (word/sketch) to illustrate my goals. The color is just there to highlight the idea.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂 and if you like it, let me know!

about Sketchnotes day : if you want to know more about Sketchnoteday, have a look hier: World Sketchnote Day

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