How do you get inspired today? Surfing the net?

That’s good and I do that, too, but I prefer to meet people and attend events – personal contact is what I like.
A few weeks ago I met Dora Dzvonyar at an event and she asked me if I would be interested to work with her for the upcoming TEDxTUM. Honestly, I didn’t know what TEDx was. I knew TED Talks (you know, those short videos from expert speakers on different topics devoted to spreading ideas). And TEDx, you ask? These are local, independent events designed to spark conversations and connections. And guess what, Dora organize the TEDx at TUM! After a meeting with her teammate Thomas and her to understand the need and the expectations I was very impressed and couldn’t wait to attend and bring their ideas to my sketchpad.
TEDxTUM pass and flyer
TEDxTUM Re-formations of tomorrow
Finally on December, the 2nd it was time to go!
It was amazing! 14 speakers presented works and ideas about the “Re-formations of tomorrow”. What does it mean? A discussion about the kind of place we want to live, work and define for the future.
We began at 10 am and went on to 6 pm. A total of three sessions gave the participants some insights about the past, present and future shared by powerful, inspiring speakers. I prepared Sketches for the 3 sessions to recap the different topics.
About my Sketches:
Sketching a meeting needs a lot of concentration and sometimes it can be difficult to find the red thread. Summarizing 15 presentations/videos in 3 sketches was really challenging! I tried to find a representative icon or the principal idea to sketch the different speaker presentations and take the design of TEDxTUM  2017 at the back of the slide to connect the different sessions (past, present, future).
During the event I sketched all day long and I prepared more sketches…. Stay tuned. I will post more as soon as I can 😉
I was very happy and honored to be there and contribute to this event.
Thanks Dora and Thomas for inviting me to attendee and hope to See you soon at another great event!

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