Lean in or how to gain more self-confidence


Sometimes perhaps, you feel like me this week, you just would like to stay in your bed! I was tired, a little bit ill (sore throat, cold), not so fit, a lot to do. The weather was cold, gray with short days… well we are in November.

Ticket lean in event in munich november 2017But, a few weeks ago I had planned to attend the “Lean In circle” in Munich which took place on Wednesday the 22th November. I didn’t know really what to expect, I just hear about the book but I like to meet people and I am very curious, so I was very excited to be there. I looked a bit closely to the concept (for more information
Lean In ) and find that there are regularly “circles” or meetings organized all over the world and other possibilities to exchange like “peer advices” or “mentoring”…. And not just for women 😉

It was nice, the right event for such gray days. We were a little group and after a short presentation of ourselves, Maria talked about her life through countries, cultures and a lot of challenges. She showed us how she faced each time challenges and study again and again to finally decided to become a mummy freelancer (here you find her website ). A very courageous smiling women (like a lot of us). We all recognized some challenges or situations that we had to face too. What I most liked was this exchange in the group, to hear several experiences, speaking about women, culture, but also families challenges…

Sketch notes for Lean in circle in Munich - november 2017
Sketchnotes Lean In event in Munich on nov. 22nd 2017

About my sketch: I began to take notes but I was so interested that it was difficult for me to focus on. So I caught words and icons. I sketched shortly the concept of Lean In (left side) and dedicated the most of place for Maria’s presentation. You could imagine that I choose the color yellow to balance out the gray weather and it reflected the good mood. This time it was not so much about transmitting a message but to wanted to give you a “picture like a photo” of this evening.

Sketchnotes Ipad Lean in november 2017


Hope to see you at another great even soon !

2 Gedanken zu „Lean in or how to gain more self-confidence

  1. I was at the TEDx TUM event today and absolutely loved the summary illustrations you did<3 I couldn't find a private link to send you a message, hence posting it here. Hope it's okay

    1. Hello!
      thanks a lot for your comment…. 🙂 happy to see that you like my sketchs. I will post them next week on my blog.
      see you soon in another great event!

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