Namibia… Our adventure started here….

here I am, back ! yes back from three weeks holidays in Africa, more precisely from Namibia and Botswana. Wwwhhahhhhhh!
How should I say, it was simply magic. Last year we met people back from their travel there and Mr. Klecker Monster was excited. At the beginning I thought “well, it won´t work for us : too expensive, too far, … and Mr. KM is not really Indiana Jones”…. So I was really surprised to see that Mr. KM was searching for information and finally after some discussions in January we booked it – with the assistance of Michael Mack (his travel agency) which is specialized in Africa trip. The only regret I have is that we had to do it just Mr. KM and I, my boys were in Germany….
After 9 months waiting for our BIG holidays, we were both really excited, impatient and we dreamed and thought a lot about it….. We spent a fabulous time there, this travel was even more what we have expected. As you can imagine, for me it was the promise that I could catch moments and memories.
It was not always easy to paint with so warm weather or in front of Victoria Falls but I had fun and Mr. KM was very patient (thank you).
I would love to do even more… I tried to and here you will find some photos. I am still inspired and I think to paint some canvas to fix emotions…let´s see if I find time and energy therefore.
About my sketchbook: well my book is full 🙂 I will be happy to share with you some pages….stay tuned!


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