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Anthea wrote me “Would you be willing to host a sketching session with our community? A mini „how-to“

I am a sketchnoter for about a year ….

I discovered this way of communication with A. Agerbeck book „Graphic Facilitation„. I used the sketchnotes in meetings and it worked well, my colleagues liked them. I decided to continue and attended a seminar for learning the basics and the most important in sketching: experimenting and practicing a lot (doing and doing again)!

I still have a look in M. Rohde Book „The Sketchnote Handbook” regularly to keep the principles in mind: the idea first, the composition, the simplicity and to see other example. Other important things for me are to improve and to share with the community as for example the Sketchnote army. I like it. You can have some advice, see other sketchnotes, see other interpretation of an idea… I sent one of my sketchnotes to see what´s happened and see…. 🙂

Sketchnotes published by Sketchnotes Army

A great feeling to be part of the community! thanks Mauro. I would love to participate in the next „World Sketchnote day“, to be there, to meet other person and discuss about sketch and share ideas.

About hosting a sketching session, dear Anthea, I will think about it and propose something…

stay tuned 😉



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  1. Wahoooo. Keep thinking about it, and I will keep impatiently and optimistically awaiting your decision! I’ll help organise and promote, you just need to bring your talent, creativity, ideas, paper & pens, patience and persistence! I love your sketching so much. Thanks for the hints about the books!
    Anthea 🙂

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