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Illustration means literally „to bring to light“, that helps making something clear or attractive.

That´s exactly what I want to do: to explain your idea, to visualize an information or an emotion
or something you want to address to your audience.
 because I am convinced that we can really transmit much more with a sketch (and a smile)

illustration Trennung

Englisch, Deutsch oder Französisch... Ich bin für Sie da

Sabine sketched the talks of each of our 15 speakers during our one-day conference. She also created beautiful one-page summaries of the sessions. We really enjoyed working with her in all respects. Her sketches were fresh, inspired and summarized the talks perfectly. Sabine’s work really helped us to make our event stand out and we are looking forward to collaborating with her in the future.​​​

Dora Dzvonyar TedXTum Foto
Dora Dzvonyar

Working with Sabine is always fun. She is extremely creative and flexible, which makes the co-creation process very easy. She delivers high quality work, perfectly on time combined with a customer centric treatment, kindness and the biggest of her smiles. Her illustrations bring a different way of communication which is more attractive and connects with the people.

Ana Munguia Kundin von World of Kensa
Ana Munguia
Allianz SE

Sehr schöne Aufmachung und Design der Sketchnotes. Ideal um meinen Kunden wichtige Hinweise optimal und einfach nahezulegen sodass diese im Gedächtnis bleiben.


Sehr, sehr angenehm. Ich habe unwahrscheinlich gerne mit Dir zusammengearbeitet. Ohne Stress und Zeitdruck. Meine Vorstellungen wurden sehr gut umgesetzt und Änderungen wurden prompt angenommen.

Lisa Nowak
Mein Lieblings Armband

Nous avons à plusieurs reprises collaboré avec World of Kensa pour des affiches d’événements ou récemment pour notre site internet. Les illustrations sont authentiques et originales. On a l’impression qu’elles deviennent réelles et interactives et on accroche très facilement au message ou à l’histoire.

La collaboration avec Sabine est un vrai bonheur. Elle se met rapidement dans les baskets de son client pour comprendre ses besoins, c’est du sur-mesure. Elle est aussi force de proposition. Ses illustrations sont livrées rapidement. On recommande à 100 %

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Anne-Chrystelle Bätz
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