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Es war sehr angenehm und professionell, mit Sabine zu arbeiten. Sie hat die Inhalte sehr schnell verstanden und umgesetzt, obwohl sie bei unserem Event nicht dabei war  und nur Fotos gesehen und Erzählungen gehört hat. Jederzeit gerne wieder.”

Elly & Stoffl – Privatkindergärten und – Krippen

Sabine sketched the talks of each of our 15 speakers during our one-day conference. She also created beautiful one-page summaries of the sessions. We really enjoyed working with her in all respects. Her sketches were fresh, inspired and summarized the talks perfectly. Sabine’s work really helped us to make our event stand out and we are looking forward to collaborating with her in the future. –


(…) As a designer and an illustrator, she helps us think through abstract concepts in the world of artificial intelligence / advanced analytics / machine learning and finds creative ways to communicate this to a broader audience.

She also supports us in adopting new ways of communicating. Her illustrations have enabled us to give a new “touch & feel” to the team´s communication style, that has already received a lot of very positive feedback within the organization.

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